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HM Queen Elizabeth II Celebration Bear


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Name: Queen Elizabeth

Character: Teddy Bear

Limited Edition: 1926

Special Features: 

A Merrythought iconic limited edition teddy bear, in celebration of the incredible life and service of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Beautifully crafted here in the United Kingdom, the country our late Queen loved so dearly, this unique collectable bear has been carefully brought to life by our highly skilled team using the finest dusky-pink mohair plush and soft cotton velvet. Her left paw has been embroidered in gold thread to indicate Her Majesty’s lifetime, whilst deep blue eyes and hand-stitched smile give this bear an air of friendliness and integrity, synonymous with our former monarch.

The bear’s high quality outfit is inspired by Her Majesty’s favourite style of coat and hat, in the bold royal blue colour that she wore so often to public engagements. Her felted hat is accessorised with pretty organza flower detailing, co-ordinating perfectly with an elegant string pearl necklace. However, the real showpiece is the detailed replica of "The Prince Albert Brooch" circa 1840. Queen Victoria loved this brooch so much she designated it an “heirloom of the crown” meaning that only Queens or Queen Consorts can wear it, that is pinned to her fully-lined woollen coat. The original gold-set sapphire and diamond piece of jewellery that was given to Queen Victoria by her husband-to-be, Prince Albert, and went on to become Queen Elizabeth II brooch of choice for many royal occasions.

The team here at Merrythought are extremely proud to have designed and created this important royal teddy bear here in our historic factory; a true future heirloom that will forever mark the extraordinary commitment and length of service Her Majesty gave the United Kingdom and Commonwealth during her 70 years of reign.

Each bear is individually numbered as part of a limited edition of 1926 and has a certificate of authenticity.
Presented in a Luxury Gift Box
This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only
Light surface clean only

Size: 30 cm / 12"

Suitable for ages: 14+

Made in England

The Merrythought teddy bear is still widely regarded as the ultimate and classic childhood toy, treasured by children and adult collectors across the globe. Nothing compares to a Merrythought – each bear has a unique character and superior quality that can last a lifetime.

At Merrythought we source only premium materials to lovingly create our teddy bears. The best quality natural plush is selected and neatly cut to each soft toy’s unique set of patterns, many of which are based on original templates from the earliest years. Incorporating other natural materials, such as wool felt and cotton, the pieces are expertly worked with traditional needle and thread to form each part of the bear.

The eyes, legs, arms and joints are skilfully sewn and assembled by hand, gradually creating the recognisable characteristics of the Merrythought bear. Taking time to fill the soft toy to an optimum weight, it is then ready for the finishing touches; a carefully hand-embroidered nose and smile, a thorough brush and trim, and a neatly tied bow or accessory.

As a signature of quality, our exceptional soft toys are finished with a prestigious stamp of approval – the famous Merrythought gold-and-black label stitched to the right paw. A teddy bear is then ready to start its journey as someone’s lifelong friend, continuing the magical Merrythought story for another generation.