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Korimco Toys


Name: Pipp

Character: Bear

Size: 14 cm / 5.5"

Special Features: Pipp is the perfect travelling companion! Choose your Pipp

White Pipp has a Pink Hoodie ~ 2 Left

Brown Pipp has a Blue Hoodie ~ 1 Left


His Hoodie has Pipp the Bear Embroidered across it with a cute bear face and his feet read HUG ME!



Korimco Toys has been supplying Soft Toys to the Australian gift, toy and promotional industries for over 20 years. Our brand is built upon high quality products and a long history of living up to what it promises. The Korimco brand has firmly cemented its position as ‘Australia’s Leading Soft Toy Supplier’ by offering a huge selection of quality, innovative products that appeal to all ages.