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All Black|129

Name: Marcie & Mo

Character: Marsupial Mouse

Size: 19 cm / 7.5"

Special Features: Marcie stands steady with long thick tipped brown fur and little Mo safely tucked away in her pouch!



Hansa has created more than 7,000 realistic animal reproductions all finely crafted and hand sculptured.

The animals are anatomically scaled from small size to actual life size like the 5 meter (16 foot) tall Giraffe.

At Hansa Creation our philosophy is that… CONSERVATION + EDUCATION = PRESERVATION. This is reflected in every part of our operation.

The materials are carefully designed and tested to comply with every safety standard around the world. Every sculptured creation is filled with fiber made from recycled PE bottles thus conserving our natural resources.

Hansa Creation conducts Educational Tours for students to learn about the habitat and behavior of the animals as well as the danger they face if this generation does not act responsibly on matters of animal protect ion, consider the effects of global warming and the irresponsible destruction of forests – the homes of our animals.

Working together with Museums, Conservation Organization and Educational Institutions makes Hansa Creation unique.

The Management and artisans are proud to realize their ambitions to educate our generation of the importance of caring for fauna and flora around us. A legacy we must leave behind for generations to follow.