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Charlie Bears 2020 Collection




Name: Griff

Character: Griffin

Size: 56 cm / 22"

Limited Edition: 2000

Family: Charlie Bears - The Queen's Beasts

Designed By: Alison Mills

Description: Did you know that when Her Majesty the Queen of England was crowned in 1953 the entrance to Westminster Abbey was guarded by ten fantastical creatures? These are known as the Queens Beasts and this eclectic new mini-series in the 2019 general plush collection which showcased 4 of these. Keys is the second of the Queen Beasts for 2020. Legend tells of the mythlogical Body tail and hind feet of a lion with the head, wings and front talons of an eagle, but nowhere in the legends does it say just how adorable a Griffin could be!! Young Griff is a playful, fun loving fellow with heart as Golden as his fur! The full limited edition set features China the bull, Goliath the lion, Oona the unicorn and Grumbleweed our friendly dragon from the 2019 Collection and this years additions Griff the Griffin, Keys the Yale, Milo the Greyhound and Peregrine the Falcon.

Suitable For: 3+

Care Instructions: Surface Washable with Care


Charlie Bears collectable bears and characters are designed at The Bearhouse in Cornwall, England. In addition to her own designs, Charlie also works in close collaboration with world-renowned bear artists including Isabelle Lee, Alison Mills and Heather Lyell to create a number of unique collections each year.



Lovingly made by hand, each bear has their own unique characteristics and this is why only Charlie Bears are known as the bears with personalities…